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Wall Mount PC
To learn more about XP Embedded Computers or how to use a Windows CE based PC go to our Learn Center.

Key Features/Benefits:

Run legacy MS-Windows Applications 

Robust MS-XP Embedded Operating

120VAC or 12VDC Operation

Wall Mount NEMA1 steel enclosure

System with Protected Boot Drive

Full MS-Windows XP and .NET compatibility

Simple Configuration via LAN or WAN

Develop applications with Visual Studio .NET


Ideal for

Critical Process Applications

UL Listed Applications

Headless Automation Applications

Media Distribution

Lighting, Bio-Metric, Access Controls

Web or File Server

Custom Automation Projects

The CC-XXX-WM embedded computers are ideal for running headless critical control applications or web servers. The units can boot and run from either solid state compact flash card, CD-ROM, or protected boot partition on a conventional hard drive.  These units can operate fan-less up to 600Mhz


The locking NEMA-1 cabinet holds the embedded computer motherboard, making it a true wall mount embedded PC. In addition to the embedded computer motherboard the -WM cabinet has space to mount the power supply, battery charger, 12A.H. Battery, plus a 3.5" hard drive, 5.25" optical drive, two compact flash cards (bootable) and one full height PCI card.


Like all of our commercial embedded pc solutions the wall mount units can run  Windows XP Embedded , WinCE 5.0, or LINUX.   MS-Windows XP Embedded (XPE) allows you to run any application which currently runs on XP Professional.   With XPE you can develop your new embedded computer applications using standard desktop tools, VB, JAVA C++, or .NET. 

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