Turn your software application into an Embedded Solution

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Why Embedded PC?


A Microsoft XP Embedded small form factor embedded computers can help your company add value and save money from non-warranty service calls just to reinstall the operating system:


  Embedded Computer or Embedded PC mother boards and Wall Mount locking wall mount pc  


Avoid some of these common issues associated with commercial applications.

  • If the users  see your software application as only a "computer" when packaged in an off-the-shelf desktop box.

  • If the end user installs other applications on your desktop computer they could interfere with your software or use valuable resources.

  • If the users browse the web or received e-mails on the pc that runs your  application they introduce viruses

  • If your end users are corrupting the boot drive with improper shutdowns or installing unknown drivers

locking wall mount pc Embedded Computer or Embedded PC mother boards and Wall Mount


Our XP Embedded computers solve these issues by:

  • Small form factor embedded PC's can be mounted away from conventional  desktop locations removing the issue of customer installed applications.

  • Enhanced Write Filtering  (EWF) and solid-state drives prevent boot drive corruption for reliability

  • Headless operation with remote desktop makes your application a total solution

  • Our Small Form Factor Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Computers offer many advantages over single board computers at a lower cost.