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CE 6.0

Small Form Factor ( SFF ) Motherboards and MS Windows CE 6.0

Key Features/Benefits: Applications:

  - 12VDC Operation

  - MS Windows CE 5.0 Operating System with GUI

  - System with Protected Boot Drive

  - .NET compact frame work compatibility

  - Simple Configuration via LAN or WAN

  - Develop with eVB, eVC++ or Visual Studio .NET


·          Critical Process Applications

·          UL Listed Applications

·          Headless Automation Applications

·          Media Distribution

·          Lighting, Bio-Metric, Access Controls

·          Web or File Server

·          Custom Automation Projects


The team at controltools.com can help you with your CE 6.0 and .NET application development.  As a Microsoft Embedded partner we have the expertise and horse power to help get a new or existing product moving in CE 5.0.  We can also help get your Microsoft CE application software running and ported to a CE platform. 


Microsoft CE 5.0 is the latest embedded operating system in the MS Windows family.  Windows CE has a low license cost and the ability to use Visual Studio .NET.  This combines to make CE the fast to market leader for embedded development.  Add the support of the largest most successful software company in history, CE is the logical choose for you embedded product needs.


CE 6.0 supports diskless operation, embedded web services, and SQL Data Base support.  CE 6.0 used with the .NET compact framework is a seamless platform for commercial development where reliability and development speed meet.


CE 6.0 and ITX

If you need a inexpensive platform running CE we can supply you an ITX mother board with a web server and compact framework.  You can develop your application with Visual Studio.NET and run it on the target using ActiveSync. ControlTools™ can supply the ITX Mother Board , in a small case with one PCI Slot, or in a wall mount unit with battery back-up.  These are ideal for running attended or unattended critical control applications.




Single Unit List Pricing 
Contact us for volume or system integrator pricing