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Controltools Offers Windows CE 6.0 on ITX Platform

Adding to our line of embedded computer solutions is a line of Windows CE 5.0 on VIA EPIA ITX platforms.  The ITX and CE 5.0 solution is less expensive that a traditional industrial SBC.  This is an ideal web server or control system CE 5.0 is a powerful RTOS, add the CE toolkit for Visual Basic or C++ and you can develop applications in Visual Studio 6.0.


Controltools Team Develops Digital Recorder for Courtrooms

The development team at controltools.com developed a digital recorder to create the official audio and video record of family court proceedings in Las Vegas.  The embedded pc solutions developed in .NET use Microsoft XP Embedded and DirectX 9, boot from compact flash and record to a hard drive in .WMV format.  Each Recorder is running IIS web server with allows the administrator to configure the recorder and access the media via the network with MS Explorer.  This shift from VHS tape which required changing and storing the tapes, allows almost 3 years of the proceeding to be recorded by these embedded systems and available online for review.  For more information contact George J. Zamiar (george@controltools.com).


Payne Sparkman (PS) and the Team at Controltools complete highway Lighting Project

PS and controltools.com announced the completion of a project to control interstate highway intersection lighting with an embedded pc.  The embedded systems based on a controltools.com commercial computer and XP Embedded, booting and running the control application from a compact flash are mounted outside in NEMA 4 enclosures.  This units are only the latest in a series of controllers the two companies have partnered on to control lighting on major  intersections and tunnels.


Voting machine for the Visually Impaired

The controltools.com team delivered the first in a series of portable embedded pc voting machines that will make in possible for the visually impaired to vote independently.  Blind voters have not been able to vote without having a sighted person read the ballot and record their vote.  The embedded computer, the size of  large brief case, uses Microsoft XP Embedded booting and running from compact flash to present an audio ballot through a headset,  the voter uses a 12 key telephone style key pad to control the ballot and make selections.  Most people with visual impairment have long interfaced to systems with their telephones, so during testing the users found this arrangement easiest to control.  These new systems will finally provide a basic American freedom to a group that till now has not been able to vote with complete independence and privacy.


RF Mesh network for Lighting Control

On time and on budget the controltools.com team lead the architecture, design, development, and project management of a 900mhz ISM band FHSS mesh network.  The units are designed to be mounted outdoors and control and supervise street lighting.  The state-of-the-art 100mW radio  is low cost, provides 150 channels, and was designed to work with access point to node ratios of up to 800:1 with up to 50 hops. The units build an "ad-hoc" network without and configuration making it very powerful for fast-up networks. The unit capitalizes on consumer based wireless chipsets and ARM processors.  Lighting control and mesh networking is a ideal match, and can easily build a network both inside and outside of buildings.  The mesh nodes are based on RTOS and the Access points are embedded computers running Windows CE as the operating system.