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TYCO  (TYC - NYSE $20B+)Role: Program Manager Analyst 

Challenge: After acquisition of 3 competing product lines TYCO needed a product line migration plan.

Issue: Collect information from marketing and engineering teams, during a period of change and uncertainty

Action: Listen, architect design and report to senior TYCO management, then present to the line managers within the marketing and engineering groups for buy-in

Technologies: IP based control networking, .NET code, SQL data base, and web based interface to acquire information from branch office operations

Result: Design was well received and adopted to become the basis of the current product offering.

Developed global technology plan to provide 15% annual growth, thru Licensed IP

Role: Project Lead & Architect

Challenge: The customers of this $1B global sensor company are hitting their growth ceiling plus doing very little in the USA market. The customers size and resources limit their ability to investment in technology which will take them to the next level and larger markets

Issue:  Develop technology which can then be licensed worldwide in whole or part.  The IP must be flexible and scalable to allow these customers to grow and drive sensor sales.

Action: Listen, architect a design, assemble a team of developers, and deliver a working UL Listed product which offers modularity, flexible licensing and easy worldwide localization with all IP ready to transfer.

Technologies: TCP/IP network, CE 6.0 with compact framework, C# code developed in Visual studio, Web configuration tools

Result: At the initial introduction numerous customers signed licensing agreements and are incorporating the technology into their products.  This initiative is forecast for 15% plus annual growth for the next 5 years.  

Drove organization change in thinking; products now dominate market with 22% growth

 Role: Product Line Architect / Program Manager

Challenge:  Long time leader in very profitable niche market for courthouse management and court room recording equipment, is under competitive pressure.

Issue:  Dated thinking, technology, and skill sets throughout the organization were driving product design.  Current products were added in isolation without product line plan

Action: Work with marketing and technical team, to facilitate dialog then develop the specification, and implementation plan for the next generation of digital court room recording system

Technologies: MS-Media Servers, Digital Media Rights, XP Embedded, .NET and C#, TCP/IP, and H.323 video conferencing technologies.

Result: The product line went from leading a market segment to dominating the market place, plus additional features and modularity provided significant growth and new growth opportunities 

Capitalize on low cost technology in high value market

Role: Project Architect & Development Lead

Challenge: VC funded RF network to monitor and control street lights to safe energy and increase service levels

Issue: Product had to be very low cost, powered from high voltage, easy to install, reliable, and monitored and controlled by the web

Action: Recruited and Lead 20+ team to design a low cost unit using a 900 MHz consumer radio chip set, to create a 150 channel radio. The software created an ad-hoc mesh network allowing 800 slaves to one access point.  The molded housing plugs directly into the top of a street light for power.  The network connected via the web to a data base with easy to use interface to allow the users to daily check system status and issue work orders.

Technologies: Ad-Hoc Spread Spectrum Frequency hopping mesh network, Green Tree RTOS, Windows CE, Windows Server 2000, SQL data base, patent pending for automatic determination of Light chemistry and age.

Result: This development met the goals and the IP was purchased by a Fortune 50 Company.

Product proposal to Army and Navy results in the release of $1M in funding

 Role: Designer and Project Lead

Challenge: Aircraft common sensor platform needed a solid state boot drive for a secure workstation which allowed the drive and Operating system to be changed in the field by the operator. The drive media had to be commercially available (COTS) and removable while preventing any secure data or application removal.

 Issue:  The Intel chipsets had an IDE drive interface so Compact Flash was selected as the boot media.  This combination was ideal for flexibility however does not have a write protect feature to provide data security.

 Action: Designed and implemented a secure IDE “Volatile” RAM Boot Drive using RAM, an embedded Xilinx CPLD, and a compact flash (CF).  The system boots “read only” from the CF while blocking write commands. The CF boot image is copied to the RAM, then CF powered down and the server is signaled the system is secure.  The system is secure; nothing can be copied to the CF plus if power is removed all information in RAM was destroyed   

Technologies: Xilinx CPLD with embedded code, 12 layer Printed circuit board design, 

Result:  This design was very well received by the Army & Navy allowing the workstation budget to be released.


Research leads to safer oil platforms with new anchoring systems.  Our aircraft deployed RF probe measured water speed and depth to model ocean current momentum (I personally flew in 2 hurricanes).

Technical presentation to FCC saves millions by successfully keeping our application process secret this avoided long public hearings. Plus, subsequently defended two challenges by powerful industry watchdog groups

Business plan leads to $3.5M in venture capital to develop vehicle tracking and communication system


Worked with both start-up and large corporate clients to Develop and implement product development and delivery procedures covering idea to end-of-life, these policies allowed companies to receive and maintain ISO-9001 certification.

  • Lead fortune 100 company to define new market then directed the design of an enterprise wide MS-Windows based system integration platform. Recruited, articulated product vision, and motivated cross-functional team, in a high energy entrepreneurial environment, enabling them to build a successful product line of embedded hardware modules with MS-Windows applications.  Design team was located in Kentucky, Connecticut, United Kingdom, and Singapore

  • Recovered a $5.5M investment in a new fire protection product-line, which missing critical milestones and market release deadline

  • Strong experience in hardware design and manufacturing, surface and thru hole PC boards, Injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and aluminum extrusions

  • Experience in commercialization of core research and patents