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XPE Advantages


Microsoft Windows XP Embedded ( XPE ) offers the many advantages including running any program that runs under standard Windows XP.  In addition XPE allows the complete customization of the features and services to suit your needs.


Run any Windows XP Program

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded uses the same binaries as Windows XP Professional this allows you to run any application, program or service that will run under Windows XP professional.


BOOT Drive Corruption Protection with Enhanced Writer Filtering ( EWF )

XPE offers Enhanced Write Filtering ( EWF ) which protects the boot partition from corruption by any source, power outages,  conflicting applications, and virus's. EWF works by making a RAM Overlay.  This protects the boot image no matter if it is on a hard drive or flash drive.  If a virus is installed simply reboot and the system will come back to it's original state.


Headless Operation

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded will run without a keyboard, mouse, or monitor.  This allows you to mount the computer away from the normal desktop location.  Now your application is a solution not another "box" that your customer will what to put his applications which could potentially corrupt your software.


Low Licensing Cost

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded has the same functionality as Windows XP Professional with a license fee that is about half of an XP professional license.


Embedded Web Server, File Server, and Terminal Server

Our implementation includes an embedded web server for host pages for you data, also there is a complete file server and terminal services.  This will allow you to collect data and build web pages with Microsoft FrontPage or any HTML editor.


Remote Operation and Remote Boot

Our XP Embedded image allows complete remote operation via remote desktop, so that you can reconfigure and install software from anywhere on the network.  You can also re-boot the unit manually or we can provide an automatic remote feature to restart the unit at a specific time.  This combined with EWF can keep you machine virus free.


Hibernate once Resume Many

XP Embedded SP2 allows the embedded computer to hibernate once setup the how you need it.  It will come up very fast at this same place every time. Because the embedded is not booting it is just resuming from that same point we have found that the machine is ready in less then 30 seconds from power up.